5th Free Medical Camp

In the loving memory of Haji Khushdil Khan Abbasi!

On 19th November 2017 , Feed to Grow Pakistan in partnership with Needs Provider Welfare Foundation (NPWF) held their 4th Medical Camp in the historic town of Ghaziabad , Azaad Kashmir.

Some of the children present at the medical camp

This outreach recorded more than 700+ patients of different ages in attendance , with majority of them, children under the age of 10, with free medical consults and medications given to all patients.

A view of some of the outreach attendees

During the outreach, 80-90% of the children seen were either acutely malnourished, severely anaemic or underweight. With majority of them lacking proper hygiene. About 10% of the children were physically disabled without any strong support system and proper awareness of their situation by their guardian.

The team which was headed by Dr Abdullah Sajid carried out an educational campaign and awareness, enlightening the community stakeholders on optimal nutrition, proper hygiene and sanitation as well as other challenges affecting the community. A follow up intervention is currently being structured to achieve a sustainable impact.

Dr Abdullah offering a consult to a patient

On Sunday the 3rd of December, Feed To Grow Pakistan will be organizing their 5th Medical Camp in Dewal Sharif, the home of the Prime Minister at 9am -5pm.
In view of this outreach, generous donations in cash and materials as well as partnerships will be very appreciated.

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Thank you to every organization, individual and institution who have made our outreaches a success. Together we can make more possible.

5th Free Medical Camp

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