November 2017 Volunteer Of The Month

Feed To Grow established as a volunteer driven non profit organization, is largely operational through the services and commitments of our brilliant, young and passionate Volunteers. As an organization made up of over 15 teams of service, with over a hundred global volunteers across 12 countries, these teams are managed by various team leads alongside team volunteers. A very unique common ground shared amongst these volunteers, is their resilient passion, motivated by a strong sense of purpose towards giving back to the society.

In these past months, no doubt, majority of our volunteers have been uniquely exceptional, but one of them stood out to be recognized in the month of NOVEMBER!

Congratulations to November 2017 VOTM ~ NNENNA ITANYI


As a 90s Child, Nnenna was born in the beautiful city of Enugu Nigeria, into a family of 5. She had her secondary education in Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja and her A level training at Concord College, Shrewsbury. She further pursued a BSc in Architecture, from the University College of London, were she graduated with a second class uppers. Nnenna has acquired work experiences from AIM consultants, Lisform and PCD Abuja Nigeria as an intern, developing her professional and personal skills in line with her architectural career. Her technical skills include but not limited to Rhinoceros 3D, Adobe Photoshop, Revit Architecture, Adobe Illustrator, 3D printing, Vray and lots more. This astute young lady has taken up strong leadership positions and has represented associations commendably.

Prosper and Nnenna at the Emir of Keffi’s Palace

Having joined Feed To Grow in 2017, she has been very instrumental to the organizations growth and development. Currently in three (3) demanding teams, which are ; Graphics & Design, Fundraising, Photography/Videography, Nnenna was fully committed to all teams, playing key roles, initiating strategies, and implementing them throughout the planning and execution period of our phase one intervention in Tudunkofa. She was always willing to take up responsibilities even without being asked. Being a detail oriented person, with all the major roles she took up, she excellently delivered and on time! She was one person you could count on to be in all meetings and on time, both virtually and physically, with lots to offer. We nicknamed her “PowerPuff Girl”, obviously with all of these accomplishments, one won’t have to guess why!

Thank you Nnenna, for your relentless commitment to our organization. We love and appreciate you and we are certain, your labors of love will never go unrewarded. You will grow in leaps and bounds.

From All OF US,
Feed To Grow.

November 2017 Volunteer Of The Month
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  • December 1, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    Congratulations Nnenna…very well deserved.


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