Feed To Grow pays a Condolence visit to Hassan’s Mother

“Joy is not the absence of suffering, but the ability to being content regardless of the circumstances”

This is the exposition of Shafa’atu Lawal; Late Hassan’s Mother.

Exactly a week after we lost Hassan, a 2 year old twin, to complications of Malnutrition (read here), we (Feed To Grow ) paid a condolence visit to Hassan’s mother, who lives with her four (4) surviving children out of eight (8) in Sabon Layi, Keffi, Nasarawa state.

On arrival, we were welcomed to a dim smile and tear filled eyes, we didn’t guess long to realize that this woman has yet again been dealt a blow from the hands of grief. But, amidst the grief, we were amazed at the mental and emotional strength she displayed, having discussed with her and offering words of encouragement.


Hassan’s mother narrated how her husband has been away even in the midst of her current ordeal, leaving her to fend for the surviving children without a stable means of livelihood. However, with the recent event, she was able to borrow some money from a market women association, which she has used to purchase petty food items for resale.

We discussed enrolling her in our support scheme program, tailored to a business of her choice and capability, emphasizing on the need for transparency, diligence and effectiveness. Having skipped a visit to the therapeutic feeding center after the loss of Hassan, she reassured us, that she will keep taking the surviving twin Hussein for therapy and health checkup consistently.

Furthermore, we used this opportunity to discuss with her neighbors, on the importance of Optimal Infant and Young Child feeding (IYCF) practices and endeared them to keep encouraging Hassan’s mother, demand accountability and offer her all the support she needs moving forward.

We felt privileged to share in their grief, offering love and light to her and her children. We desire to do much more for Hassan’s surviving twin brother Hussein; who is malnourished, but currently benefiting from our Therapeutic program, in partnership with UNICEF and Nasarawa State Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHDA).

It is also our desire to set up a business for Hassan’s mother, to enable her take care of her surviving children and sustain Husseins rehabilitation after therapy, hence preventing a relapse.

But, we cannot achieve these things without you! We need your support, your time, your Network and your donations. Please come through for this family! 

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Feed To Grow pays a Condolence visit to Hassan’s Mother

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