We have 4 key areas we focus on to achieve our mission of improving nutrition in children under 5, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers in communities vulnerable to risk of malnutrition. They are:


Providing nutritious meals for school children as well as children at risk of malnutrition through our therapeutic feeding program.


Sensitize and bring evidence-based information on essential role of IYCF for child survival, growth and development to all decision and policy makers. Ensure that awareness is raised among all stakeholders to be able to take responsibility for relevant decisions and functions.


Nutrition education is key to bringing about the skills and motivation needed for healthy and quality feeding. Feed To Grow is committed to enlightening communities, mothers and families on the benefits of good nutrition as well as guiding them towards using readily accessible nutritious crops in their communities. We are also devoted to Breast feeding, Health and family planning awareness campaigns to enable understanding and great result.


We believe that poverty is a major cause of malnutrition, having identified this as an organization; we are committed to empowering the mothers and the communities through various support programs and innovative sustainable agriculture.